Our favorite men’s diamond replica watches

A diamond watch is not just a timepiece or a fashion statement. A diamond watch is a milestone. Diamond watches are heirlooms. These are not disposable watches.

A diamond has endured intense pressure over time. Diamonds are known for their high quality, break resistance and ability to cut glass. Don Draper from “Crazy Man”, his hairstyle and custom suit, will be a perfect candidate to have a diamond replica watch. The diamond watch says: “You have arrived.” You are durable, elegant and sturdy.

Diamond watches are not only a taste choice for your own replica watches, but also a fabulous gift. Diamonds are very popular in engagement rings because we have already linked diamonds as gifts, a sign that deserves respect. Gifts do not destroy, corrode, varnish or reduce value. The diamond watch you receive reflects the quality of the giver’s contact with you.

Here’s our list of awesome diamond watches for men:

Bulova Men’s 96E04 Diamond Multifunction Watch

This is a very slick-looking replica watch. It has a black dial and 32 diamonds. Apparently, though, objects in the photograph are smaller than they appear. And by objects, we mean diamonds.

The smallish diamonds and the diny detail work on the face are frustrating to some people, who either wanted more flash or can’t read the watch easily. My eyesight isn’t perfect, but this is a nice-looking enough watch that I would happily take a few extra seconds to read it for the pleasure of wearing a great-looking watch.

With its stainless steel band, I think you can dress watch this up with a black or a dark grey suit. I think you could also get away with wearing this watch with jeans because it definitely has a rugged component. This band says, when paired with jeans and a button-down oxford: “I am prepared for anything.”

Citizen Men’s BL8044-59E Eco-Drive Calibre 8700

This is a beautiful time-piece. You can find it in only gold or two-tone silver and yellow gold. I like the two-tone watch because the braid of gold woven into the stainless steel band lends a wider, and therefore more rugged, look.

  • Versatile. It think its ruggedness makes this watch slightly more versatile than the elegance of the single-tone watch. I wouldn’t wear this watch to play touch football, but I would absolutely pair it with jeans, a casual shirt, a corduroy jacket, and loafers.
  • Affordable. The Eco-Drive Calibre is a very affordable watch going for between $545 to $725.
  • Functional. This watch charges in both light and Japanese quartz movement. The watch also boasts a calendar, alarm, and dual-time functions for the frequent traveler. It is only water-resistant to 330 feet, so it’s not the perfect diving watch– but if you forget to remove your watch before you snorkel, you’ll be fine.

JBW Men’s JB-6215-238-B “Phantom” Diamond Watch

This is the first watch we’ve seen that comes in either a leather band or crocodile. You can find this originally-six-thousand-clam watch for under $400.

The JBW is a large watch. The strap is well fitted, so it will stay on your wrist, and the watch will stay on its band. Its curved back wears well on the wrist. It’s easy to read. A slight downside is that the watch is difficult to open. The tricky clasp forces you to search online for instructions, so don’t lose your serial number.

Brillier Men’s 16-09 Endurer Gold Chronograph Swiss Quartz Watch

Brillier is well-known for selling certified diamond watches. They are committed to balancing fashion with precision. This particular piece is reasonably priced at about $500. Its high-grade genuine gold-plated case resists flaking. It uses Swiss quartz functions, and it is water resistant to about 50M, which means it is not a diving watch.

You can swim in it if you want to. Personally, I am not looking for a diamond watch to exercise or train in, but if you swim in it, you are not going to ruin it immediately.

Invicta Men’s 0513 Lupah Revolution Automatic Chronograph Diamond Watch

Nearly $800, Invicta will be one of the least versatile diamond watches you can find. With its cumbersome case and black leather strap, this looks like a digital watch, even if it’s not. This watch is not flat, but curved. This design ensures that the watch will not be distorted by wear. It also maintains its position on the wearer so the face does not flip during the day.

I may not have dinner at a restaurant. Depending on the formality of your career – such as a lawyer, accountant or CEO – I may not use it for work. But this is a great casual watch that can be played on weekends.

Strap and recessed diamonds have three elegant gears: sixty-two, thirty-minute and twelve-hour chronograph functions. However, three gears with analog faces are placed behind them, making it a watch that needs to be used. It’s hard for me to receive all the information at the same time, I have to train myself to check the time first, then check the remaining features.

Of course, if you have different criteria for choosing a diamond watch, we hope to hear it!