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best replica watches, as a veteran brand of SIHH, also brought a number of new products of his own. This time, we are presenting the cheap replica watches Watch. Next, the watch home will show you the latest situation of the live broadcast conference.

The ethereal fake watches mysterious Watch, with its pointer psychedelic vision suspended in the air, makes the audience hold their breath. The extremely concise appearance design often makes people forget that its mysterious and magical time display actually comes from the sophisticated and complicated clock structure. In fact, in order to make this new luxury replica watches movement perfect, Cartier’s watchmakers had to re-examine the traditional mechanical principles thoroughly. The goal was to overcome a series of technical problems caused by driving large-size sapphire crystal wafer discs. The contradiction of this type of mechanical device is that the complex timepiece structure that requires hundreds of hours of design calculations is cleverly hidden under the simple time display.

To create a mysterious watch, the watchmaker at the swiss replica watches Watch Workshop must do everything in his power to overcome all the inherent limitations, making the hands connected to the movement without any notice. The watchmaker decided to rotate it around the thin axis, which is similar to the operation of the gears, instead of the traditional way that the mysterious clock usually operates through the guide groove.

This new concept is combined with the pointer wheel, which avoids friction and reduces the energy consumption of the movement. When friction is reduced to a minimum, the next step is to optimize the inertia of these large-sized sapphire wafers with a total weight of only 0.56 grams by using gear units made with deep reactive ion etching (DRIE). Metal parts can be manufactured in three-dimensional construction, thereby creating integrated gears that are highly compatible with sapphire crystal wafer discs, so that the geometric accuracy of the assembly reaches micron level.

In order to greatly simplify the final assembly process of different parts, replica watches for sale specially adopted a modular solution, which divided the movement into two independent parts: the movement part of the movement, occupying the crescent-shaped space on the main splint; and the independent display module, Occupying the circular space that was intentionally set aside. This half of the assembly consists of four anti-glare and anti-reflective sapphire wafer wafers, which are assembled one by one in a laminar flow environment to avoid any dust. When the Watch is finally assembled, the hands hover in the air like magic. By distributing 58% of the movement’s diameter on the sapphire crystal wafer tray, replica watch has expanded the limit of the mysterious display and raised legibility to a whole new level.